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What the heck is this .. custom lights, if applicable for you. We’re pleased to offer you this short but effective tutorial, written by Marc Leydecker a.k.a. Belga123245.

We all use lights in our sceneries and without lights our airport landscapes would have no character especially at night, isn’t as easy as you think unless, you know how to do it. And because of this, Marc Leydecker, known from his fabulous high quality Virginia airports, has been written a tutorial for our registered users.

And, as always from Marc, a short, but effective tutorial based on those who love to create airports and additional objects who use SketchUp as there primary 3D tool.

Feel free to download this tutorial from Marc and please leave a message or comment for Marc and remember, the download section is only available for registered X-Plained.Com users. For those who found that weird, it’s on request of our developers and normal that whatever kind of stuff we offer, that it’s only for free when registered.