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On behalf of XPlane Aviator I would like to share with you the following news.

XPlane Aviator is pleased to announce the release of SkyScout is a web based EFIS (PFD/MFD/EICAS) system specially designed to provide an enhanced experience in the X-Plane environment.

X-Plane pilots will easily emulate a glass-cockpit-style at home just using additional monitor, laptop computer, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone: all you need is one or more devices with a compatible web browser.

Specifically designed for virtual pilots willing to take advantage of all the simulator features in real time, without pausing the sim. X-Plane pilots will enjoy this software maximizing their potential when flying online or offline and increasing their skills by learning how to get the full power available in X-Plane simulator.

Scale your home cockpit by using one or more devices to display the PFD, MFD, moving map, switch panels, weather control, route manager and much more by using SkyScout, the most flexible, easy and cheap way to build your home cockpit.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. A demo version is available via this link. SkyScout available at the Org Store from October 21st 2020:–Web-based-EFIS–PFDMFDEICAS_p_1314.html.

Important: if you already downloaded and installed SkyScout DEMO version you don’t have to do this again, just activate it using provided serial number in your order confirmation.