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ENHA-Tom-KnudsenUh … ENHA, what’s that for airport?
Actually, ENHA is Hamar Airport, Stafsberg (Norwegian: Hamar flyplass, Stafsberg; IATA: HMR, ICAO: ENHA) is a general aviation airport located at Stafsberg in Hamar, Norway. It features a 944-by-23-meter (3,097 by 75 ft) runway aligned 15–33 and is owned by Hamar Municipality. The airport is located in an area with very stable climate and good flying conditions.

And how did I get this?
Tom Knudsen send me the following email “here are some teaser images from the new scenery that is being made by Tony Wroblewski aka Antwob aka World2Model. Although this is an ongoing project to populate and make Norway look good. This scenery will be released for free and downloaded from the X-Plane.Org in due time. Tony made this scenery based upon images provided by Stein-Ove Rud so credits should go to them.”

Great, but how does it look like? Remember, these screenshot are still WIP (Work In Progress), but already worth to check out via this link.