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This is so sad that I have to do this, but I see no other way for the time being.

It’s April 2020 and we’re aware that it’s at the moment a crazy time. We’re aware that many people worldwide are suffering or even worse from the Corona virus or COVID-19. It does’t make any difference right now where you life ….. The virus is every where! Only problem for me is that I’ve noticed that more and more account requests from persons worldwide are becoming aggressive and ordering me to give them an account. Perhaps some are frustrated or whatever the reason is.

I do understand that it’s terrible for everybody, but it can’t be that when I try to keep X-Plained.Com up and running and helping people worldwide that “one person” thinks he/she can write what he/she wants, only to get “a” download package! Some of them are not even taking the time to read the text in the introduction section of the contact form. I’ve also got my stress regarding the Corona virus or COVID-19, but I can’t tolerate this any longer. I maintain X-Plained.Com with a lot of fun with my team members, but when new account requests are no longer based on “open minded people”, and just commanding to do “this and that”, then it’s time for action.

That said, the registration will be temporarily disabled “at least” till the end of April 2020, but will be most likely extended. We apologise for any inconvenience.

You can still use the contact form for any other questions, thoughts or suggestions, but not for requesting a new account. New account or download requests are, keep that in mind, not answered!

Thank You for your understanding.

On behalf of all our staff members,
Angelique van Campen