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El Hierro … ZL19 … Amazing

The installation is simple and straightforward, and the result is what they call … gorgeous … stunning or whatever you can imagine. ZL19 ortho package is really awesome to see and to fly over. Yes, it’s only El Hierro which isn’t a big island, but it gives you a good impression what’s possible with ortho scenery packages.

According to SpainUHD “Although the quality of the orthophotos SpainUHD is quite high (zoom 17 zoom 18 peninsula and islands) we wanted to go a step further and try to zoom textures 19 (about 30 cm per pixel); ie twice the width and height resolution in respect zoom 18 (4 times more resolution in total) in a given area -the island of El Hierro to see what the result …”

See for yourself!


  1. Arthur

    Beautiful…..Can we have this for the Netherlands…… 😉

    • Angelique van Campen

      Arthur, I think the problem is first the size of the ZL19 packages which will become too big. Second issue or thought will be “where do I get those high quality ZL19 orthos from”? I know it would be great but the ZL17 ortho packages I have from SimHeaven are, depending on the area, between 5 and 7GB. Imagine when that will be ZL19! El Hierro is as I mentioned, a small island and isn’t really a problem, but the Netherlands, even its’ not big, it will be huge with P19!

  2. glennchambers

    I have most of Europe and US Ortho’ed and that takes up about 5TB space. z18 up to 5km around airports, z17 after that to around 15km then the rest z16.

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