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Bandera-de-MenorcaSpainUHD is a new photorealistic scene high resolution mesh throughout Spain, with zoom level 17 on the mainland and 18 in islands, and elevation data 25 meter resolution for flight simulator X-Plane 10. The performance is very similar to SimHeaven scenarios, but the CPU and RAM requirements are somewhat higher to have one, similar to those of the UHD meshes rather more complex mesh AlpilotX. With a graphical 1Gb of VRAM move perfectly.

At X-Plained we’re pleased to offer you part I of SpainUHD photo real sceneries. Our first YouTube SpainUHD movie deals with a flight impression of the island of Menorca. Curious? Then you must check it out right here at X-Plained. And yes, more to follow since it’s worth to try it out yourself.

For more information you must visit the SpainUHD website via this link.