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Finally, time has come to say goodbye, but only for a short Spring break, so nothing to worry about.

It’s time for our first 2019 holidays. Time to relax, time to hit the sun (wondering if there’s some sun in The Netherlands). It’s time to enjoy our Dutch country. After months of stress at home, several difficulties, website issues, and more of these things, I feel it’s time to go out for two weeks. Visiting the northern province Friesland near the city of Harlingen, and after a week or so, to Groesbeek. Groesbeek is a town and former municipality in the province of Gelderland.

And yes, I’m aware, at the end X-Plained.Com is looking again to me … and, what’s the next review, any special review requests from our readers, any new ideas to implement and so on. Maintaining X-Plained.Com cost more time then I thought, but I do it still with a lot of fun.

Anyway, first this Spring break, after that, time to look and plan ahead although before I know I’m again on holiday to either Sweden, France (Bourgogne area) or perhaps even Scotland, the High Lands. Who knows and time will learn. For now, enjoy all the stuff we’ve got so far. And no worries, when time and Wifi permits, I’ll answer your emails or comments.

See you soon! Bye bye for now.