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We’re pleased to bring you the following SSG news regarding their E-JET Evolution Series aircraft.

According to Ricardo Bolognini, lead developer with SSG “Hi, we are happy to announce that there is now available a new version of the SSG E-Jet Evolution series. It is free for all EJET purchasers, just go into the store download area and download the new version. For your convenience, find the changelog list of the updated EJET Ver 1.3 as per 28 March 2019 below:

– Updated to be 100% compatible with XP 11.32 or later
– New cockpit actuators, uses dragging method for better control in VR
– Redesigned gear behavior with new gear deflections and animation for very realistic behavior
– Added command to toggle SPEED FMS/MAN
– Speedbrake logic, messages and commands improved
– Spoiler issue on landing fixed
– Ground proximity and flap override switches
– New cockpit lighting system
– Tuned Autopilot for different segments of automated flight
– Totally redone automated flight behavior in APP mode. Any other mode can be engaged during APP mode active.
– Autopilot bank angle added
– Autoland improved, smoother transitions
– BARO minimums implemented
– Tight turns waypoints in descent and approach are “fly over” waypoints now
– RNAV approaches now implemented
– TOD computed better now
– Fixed links to TRS Page
– MCDU/RTE page – “Runway” (LK 2) is white now
– On the DEPARTURES page the previously selected departure runway is now displayed
– No more infinite magenta lines on ND
– New TRS Pages
– RTE PAGE 1 now changes to RTE PAGE 2 when pressing “next page”
– Autothrottle improved
– LIM mode works properly
– Overspeed mode works as intended
– Holds management for more than one hold in a route
– Proper hold representation in LEGS page
– Better track presentation
– FLCH green and magenta mode improved
– Proper transition from climb to cruise phase implemented
– Problem in RTE PAGE 2 when selecting a SID with no transition fixed
– RF legs type added to SID/STAR/approach procedures
– Fixed pushback locking when stopped and disengaged
– APU heat blur added (particle system)
– Some object “crawling ants” eliminated
– Updated QSG and AOM to reflect these changes