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European Vehicles (static) Library 1.01

We’re at are pleased to host uwespeed aka Uwe “European vehicles library”. It’s another chance to offer something to the airport developers, just in case they decide to add this library in their airport(s).

According to Uwe “Based on my static European vehicles I made a library.”

Uwe continues “Advantage for scenery developers: they can use the vehicles for filling parking sites on airports (or where ever they want), without wasting some megabytes for every scenery. Advantage for users: they have to install the library only once, and don’t get their disk space filled up with vehicles in every scenery.”

“And the installation process is even simple; place the library in your Custom Scenery folder.”

Last but not least; important for scenery developers: if you want to use this static library, be sure to use the “european_vehicles_static” entry as seen below. Otherwise you may get cars from the Vehicle Library Extension, which contains cars casting lights (what isn’t very realistic on parking sites)


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European Vehicles Library (1.6 MiB, 515 downloads)