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Static GA Aircraft New Zealand v1.1

We’re pleased to offer you, in consult with Nightflyer256 and with his approval, to host his updated static GA aircraft New Zealand version 1.1.

According to Nightflyer256 “I decided to repaint the planes to fictional / actual registrations (ZK-???) to compliment some scenery which will be uploaded soon. There are 8 different models with several different ZK registrations and texture designs.”

Ian (Nightflyer256) continues “There is on particular registration which belongs to the Kapiti Aero Club in Paraparaumu NZPP. Yes, yes, this is a hint to the scenery coming soon! All of the aircraft included in this file are repaints of existing models of which were originated by Bertrand AUGRAS (Permission to use obtained from XPFR 2 Dec 2014).”


I’ve not seen often that this library is used by freeware airport developers, so perhaps hosting this will lead to some interest which is always good news for Nightflyer256. Perhaps this is also a hint to all other airport developers … use their libraries and make something great of it!

Enjoy his library!


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Static GA Aircraft New Zealand (18.2 MiB, 280 downloads)