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On behalf of Steve Baugh a.k.a. Humbug01 (X-Plane.Org user) we’re pleased with Steve’s approval to host his Lockheed Model L-12A Electra Junior package version 1.4.

The modeled X-Plane 11.5x model, the Lockheed Model L-12A Electra Junior for X-Plane 11 by Steve Baugh with FMOD sounds by Dan Hopgood

The Lockheed Model L-12A (USAAF designation, C-40) was developed in 1936 as a smaller version of the L-10 Electra in order to meet the needs of regional “feeder” airlines for a fast passenger aircraft. It was designed by the famous Lockheed engineer, C. L. “Kelly” Johnson. Lockheed decided to concentrate its attention on the P-38 Lightning and other projects instead of the Model 12A, so only about 130 were made, but it is still considered a classic “art-deco” aircraft.

This model took seven months to complete. It includes many custom instruments, xlua scripts and other custom features and includes a paint kit folder with GIMP files. The GIMP files include “Parts Layout” layers that show the location of the 3D parts on the texture files.

Special thanks go to the many contributors to the announcement thread for this aircraft model for their advice and encouragement. for members only, feel free to check out our dedicated Lockheed Model L-12A Electra Junior download page.