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stma-beechcraft-at-11-kansasX-Plained is pleased to inform you, on behalf of STMA, with the release of their Beechcraft AT11/SNB1.

According to STMA “We decided to leverage the success of our recent Beech D18S model by creating one of the most widely recognizable variants, the Beech AT11/SNB1 “Kansan” bomber & navigator trainer. This model is not a rehash of our Beech 18. We acquired the rights to Khamsin’s beautiful Beech 3D objects and completely rebuilt the model around them.

The Beech AT11/SNB1 “Kansan” bomber & navigator trainer comes with the following features:
First … two completely new models, Bomber & Navigator, created using the Type Certificate Data Sheet, aircraft manuals, Internet files and photos, and our extensive knowledge of similar aircraft.

Secondly, it includes all of the upgraded features of our Beech D18S Twin Beech models and comes with new military-style aircraft interiors.

Further on, the Bomber has a fully functioning, controllable, fuselage-mounted turret gun and a bombardier’s station is in the nose. The Navigator has a navigator’s station in the nose, work tables in the cabin and a celestial navigation astrodome in place of the gun turret. Our custom STMA_Guns plugin rotates through the available stations letting you be the pilot, the gunner/navigator, or the bombardier/navigator. Simply press the Gunner Station button or program a key or joystick button to STMA/Guns/RotateGunStation. Perfect for engaging in a little aerial combat with your online opponents!

Then, copilot rudder pedals and yokes are manipulators which, when clicked, move aside to permit the bombardier/navigator to enter the nose compartment.
And … the package is equipped with an autoUpdater (AU). Under customer control automatically updates the models when they are loaded into X-Plane. Finally, Package includes STMA’s latest AutoUpdater (AU) equipped HangarOps plugin.

For more information please visit the dedicated STMA web page.