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A Sunny JARDesign A330-200 Series Departure from EDDF
It’s a sunny day with some clouds, but overall, a great day to test the updated factory rollout liveries from fscabral. We’re pleased to offer you some nice screenshots of a typical departure from Aerosoft latest airport, EDDF (Frankfurt International). Fabio has updated the A330 factory rollout liveries with official used Airbus registration and as bonus, we’ve included also a Airbus Neo factory livery although this is in real a different A330 model.

For these screenshots I used the following platforms and/or add-ons:
– macOS Sierra 10.12.6 with X-Plane 11.10r2
– Aerosoft EDDF Frankfurt International Airport
– JARDesign A330-200 Series with RR engines for X-Plane 11
– FlyWithLua (/Resources/plugins/)
– Balanced_Clouds.lua from Balanced Clouds 1.0.0 (/Resources/plugins//FlyWithLua/Scripts)
– Skycolors from Skycolors for XP10 & XP11 2.0 (/Resources/bitmaps)
– cloud_puff5.png from Lua Default cloud enhancer 1.1 (/Resources/bitmaps/world/clouds)

And finally, a good camera! Enjoy these exclusive screenshots.