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Dear readers,

We Need Your Help!
It’s been a while now that X-Plained.Com is up and running and hosted by a Dutch hosting company. Although we’re satisfied being hosted by this Dutch company, we want, no, we need to expand our services and this also means we need faster servers and CDN (Content Delivery Network) support. It’s not easy to find a fast, stable, and secure hosting company for the simple reason that there are hundreds or even thousands of companies who think they can do the job while at the end, they aren’t as good as they say.

That said, we searched and searched and read lots of reviews and finally decided to switch to SiteGround. But why SiteGround? When you do a search and look for Siteground any advantages pop up. As you perhaps know, X-Plained.Com is based on WordPress. WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) in the world. For us from X-Plained.Com, this is our top choice to use this CMS for our website. And, SiteGround knows that. Thus, they have a special customer support team which is familiar with all the ins and outs of WordPress.

Lightning fast speed, that’s SiteGround too. A fast website also can be very helpful for SEO purposes. SiteGround has taken a lot of measures in order to make their customers’ websites fast. First of all, they have high-quality servers in terms of both hardware and software. Next, they have their own caching plugin (SuperCacher) which is free for every customer. This plugin can dramatically increase the speed of a website.

SiteGround comes with free CDN. CDN or ‘Content Delivery Network’ is a technology which is used to store the content of a website in more than one locations around the world. Thus, it can be transferred to different visitors around the world faster than normal at the same time. SiteGround offers a free CDN service (CloudFlare) with every web hosting account. You can enable more features for a little amount of fee by buying the premium version of that CDN too.

And there’s much more that is good for X-Plained.Com to switch to SiteGround, but for that I, your personal reporter and longtime reviewer Angelique van Campen, Need Your Help! I can’t start a crowdfunding since I can’t offer anything back except for a fast and stable X-Plained.Com so I do it by asking to add a donation to help us switching to SiteGround.

Is it worth it? Would you like to help us?
You can use the “Support Us” button on X-Plained.Com!

On behalf of the whole X-Plained.Com team …. Thank You for Your Donation!