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Wow, that’s another surprise I noticed this morning.Yesterday we had the release of X-Plane 11.00pb16, and this morning (+1:00 CET) I noticed that sudden upload of X-Plane 11.00 Public Beta 17, so I guess due to some issues. I checked Ben’s blog as of this writing, but could find much.

Then I checked X-plane.Org and AVSIM, and found the following bug fixes that are included in this last update:

XPD-7841 Fixed bright light on cockpit ceiling at night with high visual effects settings.
XPD-6959 Fixed rainbow swirling patterns under wheels at highest visual effects setting.
XPD-7295 Fixed dark lightning bolts in storms with high visual effects settings.
XPD-7843 Fixed missing device name for Logitech Force 3D Pro on Windows.
Fixed OAT Gauge in Cessna.
Fixed Missing Textures and Artifacts in King-Air cockpit.

But at the dedicated X-Plane.Org forum people complained about “I noticed this with the default KSEA after PB16 but didn’t think anything of it.  Now I’m noticed PB17 seemed to take out my prefab airports.  I removed and re-added scenery and I have the same condition. Is this affecting anyone else?  To be specific KLAS  and surrounding area seemed to disappear.” Want to follow this Org posting as long as it’s valid, check out this link.