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A-1C Husky from STMA

stma_husky_skisSTMA (Shade tree Micro Aviation) is pleased to announce the release of their new Aviat A-1C Husky. This is not a remake of the A-1A Husky. It’s all new!

The A-1C is the latest version flying with substantial performance improvements in useful load and flight dynamics. In our simulation we include the best of aftermarket modifications and some of our most coveted wish list items to make it the most capable bush plane in your collection. And what does this A-1C Husky offer? Here’s a short list of features:
– 3D cockpit with 3D instruments using day and night textures
– Laminar G530 GPS
– Dual COM/NAV
– Garmin Interphone panel
– Becker Radios (Light weight soaring favorites)
– Custom simulation of the Trio Pro Pilot autopilot system
– JPI EDM 930 Engine monitor
– Custom All-Season Gear and Flap indicator
– and much more.

For more information, check kout the dedicated STMA Husky web page.