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MisterX6 “Portland International”

misterx6_portlandWe’re pleased to offer you the following exclusive screenshots of MisterX6 Portland International Airport.

It’s another very nice looking international airport made by MisterX6. Some of the features are:
– Accurate 3D models for all major buildings
– Accurate airport layout including taxisigns, ATC routes and runway flows
– Photo-real scenery for the surrounding area
– Animated airport vehicles
– Animated ground crews
– Animated jetways and marshallers
– HDR night lighting
– and much more.

Curious how it looks like? Check out these screenshots and when you like them, then it’s time do download this freeware package at the dedicated X-Plane-Org web page.

What’s possible with SketchUp?

belga_peterbilt_red1What’s possible with SketchUp by Marc C. Leydecker a.k.a. Belga12345.

The reason of this article is not only showing his amazing work, but also to trigger my mind after I did some investigation of a payer American airport. Although Angelique likes writing reviews, I’m not a skilled SketchUp user at all. Perhaps that will come, but for the moment, I’ve got other priorities. But Marc Leydecker woulds like to share with you a couple of things regarding modelling with SketchUp Make.

Check it out at his dedicated SketchUp article.

NAPS Houston International (KIAH)

naps_kiah_postYour personal reporter Angelique van Campen flies to the United States or to be exactly to George Bush Intercontinental / Houston Airport (KIAH).

She’s invited by NAPS, Freddy De Pues and CAMI to check out their latest massive freeware airport KIAH. Angelique calculates for this job many hours because it takes many miles to walk from one end of the airport to the other end. But finally she will succeed and in return she offers NAPS, Fred-E.Net and the X-Plane community this comprehensive review.

Then you must read this in-depth NAPS KIAH review. Enjoy!