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“Fred” Freeware Hawaiian Airports

napsOn behalf of Freddy De Pues , we’re pleased to offer you some of his freeware Hawaiian high quality airports.

Being founder of NAPS (North Atlantic & Pacific Sceneries), Fred and his team developed many US based airports.

This collection deals with some of his Hawaiian airports which we also reviewed during our Hawaiian Island Hopping. They are Hana (PHHN), Lihue (PHLI), Honolulu International Airport III (PHNL), Kahului International Airport (PHOG) and finally Hilo International Airport (PHTO).

Each of these developed airports are worth downloading from our Aerosoft X-Plane download server.

Check out the following exclusive Fred-E.Net Hawaiian download links and above all, enjoy!
– Hana Airport (PHHN) version 4.1
– Lihue Airport (PHLI) version 2.0
– Honolulu International Airport III (PHNL) version 1.1
– Kahului International Airport (PHOG) HD version 5.0
– Hilo International Airport (PHTO) HD version 2.0