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JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe

ghd_jardesignThis short impression deals with the option of adding ground handling equipment to your aircraft.

On purpose I write to your aircraft since the JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe package only adds ground handling equipment to your own aircraft and not to the airport environment. Angelique van Campen figures out what’s all possible and what’s not. Further on, is the creations of your own “sets” difficult or not? You can read it all in her Ground Handling Deluxe impression.

JARDesign A320neo v2.6

eport_tam_jardesign_a320neoJARDesign would like to inform you that their Airbus A320neo has  been updated to version 2.6 public beta 4.

The updated version is X-Plane 10.42 ready and the MCDU and ND are reworked. Remember, it’s a beta! You can download this beta for free via this direct link. For more information about how to install this update, check out the dedicated JARDesign A320neo web page.