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MisterX6 “Portland International”

misterx6_portlandWe’re pleased to offer you the following exclusive screenshots of MisterX6 Portland International Airport.

It’s another very nice looking international airport made by MisterX6. Some of the features are:
– Accurate 3D models for all major buildings
– Accurate airport layout including taxisigns, ATC routes and runway flows
– Photo-real scenery for the surrounding area
– Animated airport vehicles
– Animated ground crews
– Animated jetways and marshallers
– HDR night lighting
– and much more.

Curious how it looks like? Check out these screenshots and when you like them, then it’s time do download this freeware package at the dedicated X-Plane-Org web page.

“MisterX6” Airport Sceneries

misterx6We’re pleased to offer you the complete hi-quality sceneries from X-Plane and Aerosoft forum user “MisterX6“.

The provided airport sceneries are not just from small or medium size airports, no, they are the big ones. On behalf of MisterX6, we are happy to offer you the following airports for X-Plane 10:
– San Diego International (KSAN) version 1.01
– Phoenix Sky Harbor International (KPHX) version 1.01
– Juneau International (PAJN) version 1.0
– San Francisco International (KFSO) version 1.02
– Los Angeles International (KLAX) version 1.01

Want to see a screenshot impression of Phoenix Sky Harbor or Los Angeles International Airport? Checkout these KPHX and KLAX exclusive screenshot links.