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Avare Moving map and Flight planner

Avare-Flight-Planner-for-AndroidReceived this incoming article/tutorial from our SketchUp guru Marc Leydecker. It deals with the Avare moving map and flight planner.

According to Marc “You can turn any GSM (cell phone/mobile phone) into a moving map and flight planner. It will even show meteo, taxiways, charts, etc. and CONNECTS to X-Plane. Unfortunately this feature is only avalable for North America.” When you have found or know an option for Europa and/or for Apple iOS equipment, then please let us know. You can grab for free a copy of Marc’s Android tutorial to turn your Android mobile into a moving map and flight planner and much more. Some last words from Marc”Quite amazing as you can even draw notes on the Android screen while using it as a moving map.”