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Updated vFlyteAir Piper Cherokee 140

VFlyteAir-Cherokee-140Walker from vFlyteAir is pleased to inform you that they have released a so called maintenance update version 1.1 of the Piper Cherokee 140 models. This maintenance release fixes a few bugs and adds a couple of user-suggested features.

Just in case you’ve lost control … the ORIGINAL Cherokee model is a replica of N3466K, which is an airplane that I occasionally fly here in Texas. It is a basic trainer airplane with VFR-only instrument panel. We think that student pilots and VFR pilots will enjoy this model. It challenges X-Plane pilots to practice their pilotage and VFR navigation skills. The CLASSIC Cherokee model is based on the same airframe and engine, but the panel is IFR-capable, and it has a simulated STEC 55X autopilot. The CLASSIC version can perform ILS and GPS/RNAV approaches on autopilot, as well as follow flight plans entered on the default X-Plane g430 GPS.

There’s lots of great features with both of these airplanes, including a plug-in driven customized engine startup feature – when the engine oil temperature is cold, it takes longer to start the engine. If the engine is warm or hot, it starts much easier. More information can be found at the dedicated vFlyteAir web page.