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Update … w2xp HD sceneries 2016

w2xp_e_barcelonaOn behalf of PilotBalu from SimHeaven we would like to inform you about an updated w2xp sceneries HD for X-Plane 10. This update comes with lot of improvements and therefore worth to bring to your attention. Check out this list with improvements:
– Actual OSM data Feb, 2016
– One file per continent
– Added new buildings for South europe
– Added gantry and portal cranes
– Added wooden piers with ships at piers
– Added platforms and roofs
– Deleted objects at most airports
– Corrected LODs
– Some improved facades
– Solar panel fields
– Added cable car, gondola, drag lift

Aerosoft “Sky Tools” Updated

aerosoft_sky_toolsHeinz Flichtbeil is pleased to inform you on behalf of Aerosoft that they have released an updated version of Sky Tools.

The current version 1.2 is working with X-Plane 10.42 or 10.45 … You can download them with our X-Plane 10 download area, but remember, registration for the Forum is required. For support, please use our dedicated forum.

Explore the Antarctic Continent

antarctic_coverageOn behalf of Matthias, we’re pleased to offer you the following Antarctic information.

You’re ready for the Antarctic … explore the Antarctic Continent with Antarctica4XPlane. Maps2XPlane is proud to present Part I of their Antarctica Mesh Scenery Antarctica4XPlane. This first part covers the South Orkney Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula down to -73 degrees. Choose one of the Research Base Station Sceneries and start your Antarctica adventure today!

More information and the download links on the Maps2XPlane’s website.

HD Mesh Scenery v3 – South / Central America

hdv3_coverageAndras Fabian from is pleased to inform you about a new addition to the successful donationware HD Mesh Scenery v3 series has been release. This time, covering the rest of the American continents Central America and South America.
All usual “parameters” of the already existing HD Mesh Scenery v3 apply to this scenery too. Special topics to be noted:
– This new region was primarily made possible by teh ESA CCI Landcover data
– the South/Central America extension is based on latest (end of October 2015) OSM data
– 4 already existing HD Mesh Scenery v3 ZIP files (+20-080, +20-090, +20-100, +20-110) have been updated as they overlap with this new region, and thus most of the non US DSFs are re-created based on the new data (US tiles are included unchanged in these ZIP files). You can clearly see that this files are replacing older ones, as they have a V301 instead of V3 in their name.

You can download the files via the map here. Comparison screenshots (before / after) can be found via this link. Want to see some examples …. check out the following links: IIIIIIIV and V. For more information  visit the dedicated web page. UHD Mesh Scenery Regions

alpilotx_net_europe_coverageOn behalf of Andras Fabian from, we’re pleased to inform you about some new HD mesh sceneriesthat has been released.

According to Andras “After the first batch of UHD Mesh Scenery tiles released in February 2015, there is now a new set of additional regions to be enjoyed. They are:
– Northern Washington state (west of the already existing Montana UHD region)
– Canadian Rockies (between 49N and 55N … from the Pacific to the plains around Calgary)
– Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden)
– Pyrenees in Europe

They are all using – just like before – 30m / 1sec resolution data (either from Viewfinderpanoramas / NED or SRTM) and much higher resolution triangle mesh to be able to use all that detailed data. One “difference” is, that the new regions are based on newer Openstreetmap data (from around end of April 2015). Important: Because of this, the \”UHD Mesh Scenery v1\” Scenery is very heavy on hardware resources and will only run smoothly on modern, higher end PCs. Its very important – before even considering a download – to have at least 16 GBytes of RAM and a modern / powerful GPU! Especially when activating the new, “extended DSF” feature in X-Pane 10.40, the RAM requirement might double!

The complete coverage can be seen here. All informations, possible updates, installation instructions, and download links can be found here (IMPORTANT: you do not need to re-donwload old UHD files, as they have not been changed / updated!). And finally, a lot of NEW screenshots can be seen here.