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vFlyteAir Cirrus

impression_vflyteair_sr20I’d never heard of the Cirrus SR20, but this latest model from vFlyteAir got my attention. Your personal reporter Angelique tried to explore this gorgeous looking model, but how does it fly and how does it feel.

According to Angelique “What else can we say about the latest vFlyteAir Cirrus SR20 X-Plane 10 model? Quite simply – extraordinary 3D aircraft modeling. It’s really 3D modeling at a high level. And not only does the the 3D modeling looks gorgeous, also the included liveries and then in particular the unbelievable eye for tiny details. As known from previous vFlyteAir models, decals are razor sharp and not only from a distance, but also when zoomed in.”

Nice talk, but now back to reality .. how is it? You can read all about it via this in-depth impression link. Feedback is as usual always welcome!