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Explore the Antarctic Continent

antarctic_coverageOn behalf of Matthias, we’re pleased to offer you the following Antarctic information.

You’re ready for the Antarctic … explore the Antarctic Continent with Antarctica4XPlane. Maps2XPlane is proud to present Part I of their Antarctica Mesh Scenery Antarctica4XPlane. This first part covers the South Orkney Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula down to -73 degrees. Choose one of the Research Base Station Sceneries and start your Antarctica adventure today!

More information and the download links on the Maps2XPlane’s website.

Flying Photoreal with SpainUHD

spain_uhdYou always wanted to fly photo-real Spain with your GA aircraft?

Now you can with the complete collection of SpainUHD. SpainUHD scenario is a new high-resolution photorealistic mesh in Spain, with 17 zoom levels (ZL17) on the mainland and on islands 18 and elevation data 25 meter resolution for the flight simulator X-Plane 10. Just in case you think … the data source is 100% free, orthophotos as both elevation data and water bodies and there;s no legal impediments for distribution.

Want to know al about it? Then you should check out SpainUHD or go directly to the download section.

X-Plane Normal Maps a.k.a. “_NML”

article_marc_wing_texture_nmlAn article about the X-Plane Normal Maps a.k.a. “_NML” by Marc C. Leydecker a.k.a. Belga12345.

Besides that Marc is a highly skilled airport developer and SketchUp guru, he’s also a skilled livery painter and since I know Marc now for a while, I asked him, after he released another Italian SAR Albatross painting, if it was possible to paint for me this awesome N98TP livery.

During the painting process, Marc inform me about Normal Maps or NML files and on behalf of Marc, I would like to share this information with you. This article is intended for those who start from scratch with NML file and perhaps, after you’ve read it, you would like to add something to it via a comment.

As long as comments are “structured”, I’m quite sure Marc appreciates this. Curious, check out these exclusive Albatross N98TP screenshots!