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x-planetools “Flight Plan Converter”

xplane_toolsx-planetools developer Brad Cathey aka “breadwild” is pleased to inform you about his Flight Plan Converter.

According to Brad “I’ve created a little tool that parses screen grabs from various online flight plan tools, like SkyVector and FlightAware and converts them into .fms files for the X-Plane FMS or Garmin 430/530, or .txt files for World Traffic. The converter will now strip a .fms file down to just the waypoints, great for pasting into SkyVector’s* new flight plan box.”

But there’s much more to explore and Brad has much more to show you. You can check it out at the dedicated x-planetools web page. Want to see how easy it works? Check out this video and how to implement it into the Garmin 430/530 GPS.