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Flight Factor/StepToSky 767-300ER Series

review-ff_sts-763erRick Verhoog takes a closer look, no, he’s taking a in-depth inspection in the Flight Factor/StepToSky Boeing 767-300ER Series.

It’s amazing and you will not regret it if you’re not set against Flight Factor/StepToSky. Yes, it may possess some features that you may dislike, but these can all be circumvented, and they don’t take away from the amazing core of the 767-300ER.

It’s enormously extensive, detailed and feature-rich but at the same time, this makes for some negative experiences from time to time.

Curious what Rick has to say more? Read Rick’s comprehensive review via this link.

vFlyteAir Cirrus

impression_vflyteair_sr20I’d never heard of the Cirrus SR20, but this latest model from vFlyteAir got my attention. Your personal reporter Angelique tried to explore this gorgeous looking model, but how does it fly and how does it feel.

According to Angelique “What else can we say about the latest vFlyteAir Cirrus SR20 X-Plane 10 model? Quite simply – extraordinary 3D aircraft modeling. It’s really 3D modeling at a high level. And not only does the the 3D modeling looks gorgeous, also the included liveries and then in particular the unbelievable eye for tiny details. As known from previous vFlyteAir models, decals are razor sharp and not only from a distance, but also when zoomed in.”

Nice talk, but now back to reality .. how is it? You can read all about it via this in-depth impression link. Feedback is as usual always welcome!

Impression “Picus X Aquila A21x”

review_picus_x_aquilaA Passionate Real World Aquila Pilot. It couldn’t be better: a passionate actual Aquila pilot who has developed his own X-Plane version. On the question of excellent 3D modelling skills and instrument programming, Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen tries to figure that out in this impression. It could be a perfect combination for developing an aircraft for X-Plane 10.

You can read it all here at ASN X-Plane via this comprehensive impression link.

JARDesign A320neo v2.6

eport_tam_jardesign_a320neoJARDesign would like to inform you that their Airbus A320neo has  been updated to version 2.6 public beta 4.

The updated version is X-Plane 10.42 ready and the MCDU and ND are reworked. Remember, it’s a beta! You can download this beta for free via this direct link. For more information about how to install this update, check out the dedicated JARDesign A320neo web page.

Flying Photoreal with SpainUHD

spain_uhdYou always wanted to fly photo-real Spain with your GA aircraft?

Now you can with the complete collection of SpainUHD. SpainUHD scenario is a new high-resolution photorealistic mesh in Spain, with 17 zoom levels (ZL17) on the mainland and on islands 18 and elevation data 25 meter resolution for the flight simulator X-Plane 10. Just in case you think … the data source is 100% free, orthophotos as both elevation data and water bodies and there;s no legal impediments for distribution.

Want to know al about it? Then you should check out SpainUHD or go directly to the download section.