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Updated vFlyteAir Piper Cherokee 140

VFlyteAir-Cherokee-140Walker from vFlyteAir is pleased to inform you that they have released a so called maintenance update version 1.1 of the Piper Cherokee 140 models. This maintenance release fixes a few bugs and adds a couple of user-suggested features.

Just in case you’ve lost control … the ORIGINAL Cherokee model is a replica of N3466K, which is an airplane that I occasionally fly here in Texas. It is a basic trainer airplane with VFR-only instrument panel. We think that student pilots and VFR pilots will enjoy this model. It challenges X-Plane pilots to practice their pilotage and VFR navigation skills. The CLASSIC Cherokee model is based on the same airframe and engine, but the panel is IFR-capable, and it has a simulated STEC 55X autopilot. The CLASSIC version can perform ILS and GPS/RNAV approaches on autopilot, as well as follow flight plans entered on the default X-Plane g430 GPS.

There’s lots of great features with both of these airplanes, including a plug-in driven customized engine startup feature – when the engine oil temperature is cold, it takes longer to start the engine. If the engine is warm or hot, it starts much easier. More information can be found at the dedicated vFlyteAir web page.

Virtual design 3D “Arturo Merino Benitez”

scel_impressionFrom the makers of Virtual design 3D, and presented to you by Aerosoft and ASN X-Plane, I’m pleased to offer you an inside look in the recent released international airport Arturo Merino Benitez (SCEL).

I think this quick look with some thoughts and compliments should give you an idea of the well modelled airport of Santiago. You can read all about Angelique’s findings via this impression link and for those who have no time to loose, check it out at the dedicated Aerosoft SCEL web page.

MLAeroDG Me-109

mlaerodg_messerschmitt_me109Matthias from MLAeroDG has released another German military fighter, the Messerschmitt Me-109.

Together with these exclusive screenshots I would like to give you an idea of what to expect. The aircraft package is easy to install; just unzip and install the package under X-Plane aircraft folder “Fighters”. You’ll find in the Me-109 folder a document that offers all the information you need to know about this Me-109, how to control the aircraft and how to fly it, including a checklist. The Me-109 package comes with a couple of military liveries namely the German Yellow 4, a German green livery and a paint kit that includes PSD files too.

You want to read the whole Me-109 story? Check out this exclusive impression link.

Nimbus “Chicago O’Hare”

review_kord_nimbusOur dedicated reviewer Jude Bradley flew to KORD or better known as Chicago O’Hare Airport to check out the modelled airport from Nimbus.

According to Jude “It fills a gap in the market for mid-U.S Sceneries. It’s well worth the price. The performance is very good even taking into account the aircraft I tested this with. In short, this is a good airport and yes, I would definitely recommend it.” Curious? Via this review link you can read all about it.

JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe

ghd_jardesignThis short impression deals with the option of adding ground handling equipment to your aircraft.

On purpose I write to your aircraft since the JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe package only adds ground handling equipment to your own aircraft and not to the airport environment. Angelique van Campen figures out what’s all possible and what’s not. Further on, is the creations of your own “sets” difficult or not? You can read it all in her Ground Handling Deluxe impression.