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airfoillabs-teamAlthough the Airfoillabs team is very busy with their aircraft development and not to forget their upcoming King Air, they still found some time to write some words down and therefore, we’re pleased to offer you some thoughts in respect to X-plane 11 of the Airfoillabs team. Here are a few words, thoughts, ideas from the team:

  • This is such great news since XP11 comes with so many great Improvements,. Perhaps it’s better to say ….. a game-changer in the flight simulation market.
  • We from the Airfoillabs team will certainly make a very special edition of our C172SP for X-plane 11. The King Air will be most probably available only for X-plane 11.
  • All that said I believe we have to be patient, but all in all we’re very enthusiastic, We’re very happy with this news and many thanks to the X-Plane Development Crew.