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mario-donickMario Donick, known from his avionics programming skills and writing manuals for several developers, of which one is vFlyteAir, would like to share with you his thoughts – as far as possible –  about the upcoming X-Plane 11.

At vFlyteAir, we are very excited about the upcoming release of X-Plane 11. On one hand, X-Plane 11 will allow us to further improve the look of our aircraft, and our 3D artist, Igor Kirilove, will make good use of that in our next product, a PA-30 Twin Comanche. On the other hand, there are some interesting changes regarding X-Plane’s FMC. I’m very curious if and how developers get access to functions like procedures, or if a new EFIS map will be part of X-Plane 11, because I’m still in the process of upgrading our Cirrus SR20 with SIDs and STARs.

That’s a huge task to get it right, and if X-Plane 11 itself would offer some functionality here, it would make everything much easier for us. Finally, we are looking forward to the new sound system. In our last updates, Walker has developed our own custom sound enhancements, but X-Plane 11’s ability to even have different sounds for one switch is a very detailed opportunity we will explore for sure.

Mario, thank you for this. Much appreciated. Looking forward to hear from you soon.