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Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke takes a closer look into the Thranda Quest Kodiak for X-Plane 11. And yes, it has become an impressive review, a review you don’t want to miss! The review is based on model version 1.6.

According to Andy “The Kodiak is described as an exceptional model. Every part of the model is created in detail and the emphasis is around recreating the character and capabilities of the real thing. Looking at the list of features and benefits provided on the X-Plane store page the model does not disappoint. The detailed graphics both inside and out, and the sounds provided, create a very immersive flight experience.”

But there’s more. Andy continues “The areas of the aircraft that are modelled to work and move really add to the value of the aircraft and allow the user to experience the various considerations when using this aircraft for real. The developers have worked very hard to not only create a very realistic model but also to enable the user to customise the aircraft, within sensible boundaries, to make it the variant they want it to be.”

And still Andy thinks there’s so much more to tell you. Therefore, Andy invites you to read his comprehensive review at X-Plained. Enjoy!