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ats-md82-seriesThe A.T.S. McDonnell Douglas MD82

Probably you think … oops, another McDonnell Douglas MD82 Series? Yes, we’re all ware of the Rotate MD80 Series, but it’s not possible to compare these two aircraft. I know both aircraft since for both models I was and still am beta tester. And no, this short screenshot impression won’t say anything about which one is better. By the way, I can’t even say that right now since the A.T.S. model isn’t released yet. And besides that, I wrote before … you and I can’t compare them when it comes to programmed systems and how real does it all look like.

Oh yes, if I want, I can compare the external model with each other, but that won’t help much since both models are well made and have eye for many tiny details. But the hearth of it is the programmed systems and how they function compared to the real McDonnell MD82 aircraft. Just see it with your own eyes how the beta A.T.S. MD82 is progressing.