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Alabeo-PA32R-Saratoga-II-TCYour personal reporter Angelique van Campen needed at least 5000 words for this Alabeo Piper PA32R Saratoga II TC impression and as a result, the impression has become quite long, so let’s try to summarise it a little bit. Do I like the Saratoga II TC model or do I prefer the older Carenado Saratoga SP?

Without doubts I would go for this one. The 3D cockpit is nicely modeled, looking good with not too much weathering although the throttle stand has some scratches. The instruments look good although you need to keep in mind that this Saratoga has old-fashioned indicator besides some Garmin stuff.

But there’s so much more then I like it, and it’s worth it. You can read here comprehensive impression via this link. Enjoy!