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The FAIB Aircraft Library 5.0

Update: As per our date September 12th 2021 | New version 5.0

We’re pleased to offer you in consult with and the agreement of roymar and Jiggyb2 THE-FAIB Aircraft Library.

According to roymar “Lots of Aircraft added plus a couple of minor texture changes. Some Mac users had unzip problems which eliminated main holding folder, so pic of complete hierarchy is also attached (actually shows Fruit-Stand “exploded” but same layout for FAIB). You will find which aircraft were added by referring to the xlsx file column E.”

“This is now the complete library that will complement the previous “THE-FRUIT-STAND” library by adding all the medium range Boeing and Airbus series of aircraft. In addition, the Queen of the skies, the Boeing 744 is included.”

“FAIB is the abbreviation for fsxaibureau, a website ( created by Erez Werber who has produced all the superb models only used in this library, hence the title. Erez very kindly gave us permission to convert his models for X-Plane under the same rules which applied to “THE-FRUIT-STAND’ library, which are covered again in the “READ_ME_first” pdf attached here.”

“All aircraft are converted from FSX and FS9 freeware and all credit goes to Erez and the repaint artists who are listed in the credits. Many thanks go to all of them for granting use of their material and we are particularly grateful for the many responses encouraging the formation of this library. This works incredibly provides us with many many liveries representing nearly all the current airlines presently flying.

Also special thanks are accorded again to Graham Faulkner who double-checks all the files and compatibility with WED, to Gabe Bierbach and Nick Fionnlagh who have painted some missing liveries for us. Scenery developers , especially, must read the pdf to ensure copyrights are not infringed upon.”

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THE FAIB Aircraft Library (1.4 GiB, 158 downloads)