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My dear X-Plained.Com members and/or readers,

There’s so much work – read reviews – to do, that we do our best, but still I’ve got the idea that it’s a never ending story. In-between our normal scenery, aircraft or utility reviews we had a special request from Thrustmaster to review their latest TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition. Angelique took the time to check out this hardware, but it also mend that other reviews had to wait.

It seems that all developers are bringing out their new product right now. Just to mention a couple; vFlyteAir will release soon their new Arrow III model, FlyJ(ack)Sim it’s brand new Q4XP, then the recent released ToLiss Airbus A340-600, not so long ago the Felis Boeing Classic 747-200, not to forget the Thranda Design Wilga which is also a master piece of programming and texturing. But behind all of that, we got a copy of ASSP tho released the A300-B2 200 and then I’m not even talking about new sceneries that are released.

But the good news is that we – Angelique van our dedicated reviewer Andy – are busy doing our best to offer you first class in-depth and high quality reviews. Andy is busy with NorthernSkyStudio PHOG Kahului Airport, Hawaii while Angelique is trying her best to share her time over the Felis Boeing 747-200, the Thranda Wilga and the ToLiss 340-600.

We keep you in the loop about our progress.