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We’re pleased to inform you that ToLiss has updated their 319 aircraft to version 1.3. In case you’ve lost track what the ToLiss A319 is; the ToLiss 319 is a 120-140 seat single-aisle mid-range modern state-of-the-art FBW aircraft with a high focus on detailed system modelling. Although this is the official line from X-Plane.Org, I can add to this that the 3D modelling is great, but the system design and in particular the FBW (Fly-By-Wire) is unique.

This is the third major update of the aircraft and comes with a lot of fixes, new features and so on. Let me highlight the following for you and please, don’t forget to read our comprehensive review ( at X-Plained. Besides that, only available for registered simmers, the many liveries we offer, a cockpit enhancement pack and so on. Oops, and not to forget the many exclusive screenshots we made. Just do a search for ToLiss at our site and you’ll be overwhelmed with A319 information.

Ok, the changes for build 981 (V1.2.2) to build 1001 (V1.3)
Major new features:

  • Rain effects (Thanks to Saso Kiselkov)
  • Created custom XP11.30 particle effects
  • Engine performance adaptation to new XP11.30 engine dynamics model
  • VR manipulator support
  • Avitab support is integrated now.

Minor new features:

  • Added bulb dynamics to the integrated lights. (On/Off is not instantaneous anymore.)
  • Added ECAM action items to ADR DISAGREE ECAM caution, added ECAM caution SPD BRK STILL OUT
  • GEN 1 Line push button is now functional
  • MCDU PROG page now supports airport/runway for the Distance/Bearing function
  • The FMS now also parses Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth Nav data/earth_nav.dat to get the best ILS placement.
  • Cabin pressure and whether you are wearing the oxygen mask now ties into the “pilot felt altitude” dataref. Enable hypoxia in Xplane setting for maximum realism
  • Texture rework from Matthew

Bug fixes:

  • When using the fire extingushing bottles, the DISCH light now comes up at the right time.
  • Fixed an issue with import of altitude and speed constraints in newer CFIP files.
  • After entering the TO/FROM ICAO codes, the ALTN airport now shows “NONE” rather than red boxes
  • When Pulling the SPD knob, the speed target synchronizes to the current speed.
  • Fixed a bug to make sure that FBW system drops to alternate mode when in EMER ELEC configuration
  • Fixed behaviour of the ECAM ALL button for repetitive pushes.
  • Fixed EIS switching behaviour when all screens are available.
  • Fixed airplane symbol location in PLAN mode
  • Upon go-around the AP reverts now to HDG/VS mode (if it was in TRK/FPA before)
  • Made the pitch down notion when approaching stall in alternate mode more noticeable
  • Improved flap/slat extension times and Normal law compensation of flap movement
  • Allowed the activation of managed Descent during the Cruise phase now. (at -1000fpm)
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to loss of correct ILS data on approach, if the flight plan asks for tuning an ILS DME in VOR1.