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With pleasure I would like to inform you that the ToLiss A319 has been updated. Although the update to version 1.0.2, the update itself has a lot of interesting bug fixes.As of this writing, the current ToLiss A319 version is officially v1.0.2 build 874. But what to expect?

If you own the model, you should update to. If you don’t own it yet, check out the dedicated X-Plane.Org store page and not to forget our comprehensive review.

Let me give you an update of the change log:


  • Allows transparent runways (custom scenery), ice/snow runways (arctic/antarctic operations), or dry lakebed (KEDW) as valid runways
  • Modified frequency management to allow use of ATC2Pilot (Note: RMP1 must be set to VHF1 and RMP2 must be set to VHF2)
  • Modified regular brake force such that it can be adjusted via the ISCS now.
  • Aircraft is now autogate compatible and starts with the jet bridge attached when in the right location with engines off.
  • ISCS is now moveable by dragging in the title bar of the ISCS

Bug fixes:

  • Made the flap lever snap into detents.
  • Reduced mouse handler lag on some computers
  • Fixed activation issue for some users
  • Fixed issue with FMGS crashing when importing FMS files that include active and alternate flight plan.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a situation file with temporary flight plans active.
  • Removed differential braking from nose tiller.
  • Fixed behaviour of the LS button
  • Fixed the issue of ILS turning by 180 degrees half-way through the runway.
  • Speed constraints are now considered in GA legs
  • Fixed behaviour of the ALT knob when switching between 100ft and 1000ft steps. (No retaining the 100ft value)
  • Fixed mapping between pedestal pitch trim indicator wheel and actual pitch trim position (was off by 0.2deg in some areas)
  • Fixed an issue with toggling descent profile
  • AP now disconnects on pedal deflection also (did on sidestick deflection previously)
  • Fixed FCU behaviour when manually switching between SPD and Mach mode
  • XP11 specific brake behaviour fix.
  • Fixed the time out on Master Caution/Warning for AP and ATHR instinctive disconnect


Changes from build 864 to 869


  • Modified runway acceptance criteria from 1500m length to 1200m length to accomodate SBRJ
  • Added a command to open ISCS window: toliss_airbus/iscs_open
  • Popups can now be scaled to sizes greater than 500×500 pixels, if the horizontal screen resolution is > 1920px.

Bug fixes:

  • Added filters on flap/slat lever and speed brake lever to prevent spikes from joystick axes to affect the configuration
  • Correct joystick axis decoding bug
  • Wrongly displayed speed trend on scaled popup PFD fixed.
  • Fixed the “missing SID transitions” bug. Issue occurred whenever there were more TRANS than SIDs.
  • Sound volumes reset properly when changing airplanes or quitting xplane.
  • Some FMGS bug fixes, e.g. lack of procedures after flight plan load.


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