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Another interesting update of the ToLiss A319 has been released. This time the A319 commercial aircraft has been updated to version 1.2.2 and it comes as usual with a lort of fixes and new features. Although we don’t sell the product, we’re quite enthusiastic about the overall product and the constant improvements performed by Torsten Liesk and his team.

New to the TopLiss?
Then I suggest that you read our comprehensive review first! Enjoy the reading! Or do a ToLiss search request at X-Plained.Com and see all other related ToLiss articles, screenshots and liveries we offer.

For those who own the ToLiss A319, you can either download the product from X-Plane.Org or you simple use the included X-Updater-Client.jar Java script file. Enter your X-Plane.Org store email address and the serial number and the uploader will check for updates and install these or you can select a different “empty” folder to get a fresh clean install if you prefer that.

As far as I can see, and that’s good news, the in-depth and realistic tutorial has been updated. And for those who want to know all about it, here’s the – hopefully up-to-date changelog list: These are the changes from build 973 (V1.2.1) to 981 (V1.2.2):

Minor new features:

  • Made the 2d panel version available again
  • Due to popular request, changed the method to indicate ANTI ICE ON with NO ICE DETECTED
  • Panning with right mouse click is now possible again.
  • Support for 8.33kHz frequency spacing for VHF1 and VHF2.
  • DECELERATE message in PFD if you pass the T/D without initiating the descent
  • SatCom can now be toggled via ISCS and also be driven by the livery string, add the character T in the engine string. E.g. [CFMT] for CFM engines with Satcom, or [IAE2ST] for IAE engines, 2 overwing exits, sharklets and Satcom.
  • Added the ENG x START FAULT caution message for start attempts without bleed air.
  • VHF, VOR, etc volumes can now be adjusted directly from the pilot Audio Control Panel
  • When CFM engine is selected, the N1 mode switches disappears in the OHP.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the FMS reset on power transients bug
  • Now we REALLY fixed the “No SIDs if RWY ID in apt.dat and CIFP.dat don’t match” bug – XP11 only though.
  • Removed the boxes around ARMED modes in the FMA
  • Improved APU shutdown behaviour
  • Fixed the bug with NAV2 not accepting identifiers
  • Flight plan import now removes ALL altitude constraints if the flight plan has altitude information at every point.
  • Fixed the ISCS vs MCDU window open issue.
  • Fixed APU sounds during delayed shutdown sequence.
  • Removed the “feature” that block fuel is deleted if your extra fuel is negative.
  • Fixed an issue with pack operation in flight when one engine is failed and crossbleed valve is open.