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Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen felt that something extraordinary needed to be reviewed; the ToLiss Airbus A319.

You and I can ask ourselves the question; What is then so special about this “another” small Airbus aircraft? Are there not enough of those small Airbus aircraft on the X-Plane market? Why another Airbus aircraft?

Besides that ToLiss is a brand new name/developer, the unique Airbus FBW (Fly-by-Wire) system comes from the well-known QPAC. This time, the ToLiss has a bit more to offer then the older QPAC. Ho ho, hold on, not a bit more, a lot more!

Is it worth the investment and is it worth to train your flying skills? Angelique tried to find the answers for you and flew to Toulouse Blagnac Airport and tested the ToLiss A319 for you. And was it a success, did she got an answer to all her questions? This and much more can be read in her comprehensive review. Enjoy!