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We’re pleased to inform you on behalf of ToLiss that the Airbus A319 has been updated to version 1.3.3. There’s a lot done and many new features have been added, but ToLiss also fixed a couple of bugs. As we all know, and in case you didn’t then you know it now, the ToLiss Airbus A319 is an official approved Airbus X-Plane model. Therefore ToLiss may use the word “Airbus” leading the A319.

Anyway, we wrote already a while ago a comprehensive review of this baby. In case you’re interested in it, the you must check out this in-depth review. But I thin k it’s worth to highlight what new features are implemented and which bugs are fixed. According to ToLiss the change log list looks as follows:

New features

  • Improved APU GEN representation on the APU SD page.
  • Added background lighting to displays, FCU digits, RMP frequencies, clock, etc.
  • Reworked the ECAM flap indication to match latest standard
  • Reworked ECAM F/CTL + HYD page to match latest standard
  • Added Delta ISA temperature information to SD permanent data; TAT and SAT on SD now depend on data source availability.
  • Added Datarefs to set the door modes: AirbusFBW/PaxDoorModeArray and AirbusFBW/CargoDoorModeArray – 0: Closed, 1: Auto, 2: Open
  • FMGS initialization is now possible in flight using DIRTO and subsequently NEW DEST.
  • Flare law reworked based on new information
  • Improve Autopilot ALT* lawRework of the Airbus house livery textures by Christopher Tantow
  • Rework of the external model normals by MattDesigns
  • SmartCopilot improvements by MaxWaldorf
  • Improved landing gear ground contact noise
  • Added sounds for the spoiler lever, the brightness rheostats, avionics ventilation startup, electrical DC relays
  • Fixed a sound database bug, reequalized the engine sound volumes.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed marching ants under PFD
  • Fixed marching ants in wing
  • Improved flap animation
  • Fixed a bug with the FD button of the copilot side. (It now removes the FD bars from the copilot PFD)
  • Correct AP mode reversions and AP disengagement logic during non-precision approaches with MDA defined.
  • Corrected maximum aileron deflection up when flaps/slats are extended.
  • When entering a RWY only approach, the FMGS adds a CF point 5NM before the runway as it should.
  • Fixed the MCDU key interaction delay to be a constant 300ms.
  • Fixed a bug with the use of Place/Bearing/Distance type points on the lateral revision page.
  • Yaw trim reset now goes all the way to zero, even if you release the push button.

More information can be founds at the ToLiss website or at the dedicated X-Plane.Org store page.