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We’re pleased to inform you that we’ve added to our aircraft livery list another set of great liveries for the ToLiss Airbus A321. Although this is just a start, we also reorganised a bit thew way to find your favourite livery. For now, you can find the ToLiss Airbus A319 and A321 liveries via our menu Downloads – Liveries – ToLiss A319 or A321. But keep in mind that these downloads and all others are only available for those who have an account with X-Plained.Com. If you don’t have such an account, feel free to use the contact form to contact us, but read the form please!

I would like to thank Christoph_T, matthew007800, Homer Jay, KJO and Emma Bentley for their approval that we can host their liveries. In case liveries are updated or now liveries are added, we’ll inform you. No worries about that!

When you’re new to the ToLiss Airbus aircraft, then perhaps this promotional video puts you on the right track. No, it’s correct, we haven’t written yet a review. The moment the overall worldwide situation has changed a bit and has been stabilised, we’ll check out this Airbus A321 too.