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totedemac Toliss Cockpit Texture Replacement

We’re pleased to inform you on behalf of X-Plane.Org user totedemac that we’re hosting his ToLiss A319 cockpit pack version 4.1.

According to totedemac “This cockpit package version 4.x comes with a plugin that will fix the shadow angles for this aircraft, but it’s only for Window users. Sorry for that. If you are on Linux or Mac then just don’t install the plugin. I wanted to do more work on it but I found out im gonna be a daddy, so next features will come in a further update. The installation for all OS platforms except then the plugin, is as follows. Logically, please Backup first your OBJECTS Files inside /Objects Folder then just drag the new objects inside your Objects Folder of the 319 Toliss Aircraft and replace. For Windows users the plugin installation that fixes the shadows angle for Toliss; drag the “Totedemac” folder inside your Toliss/plugins folder.

This cockpit package version 4.x includes some of these:

  • AO shaders
  • New materials
  • Normal Maps tweaking
  • New shadow angle fix for Toliss
  • Panel Colors
  • Knobs
  • Nightlight
  • PBR tweaks
  • more…

What’s New in Version 4.1:

  • Version 4.1 HotFix MCDU Popup Added
  • MCDU POPUP Added

Readme file included for installation.

Enjoy it and don’t forget to have some nice Nose views, this new glareshield is so nice to watch specially in cruise. If you want to Donate something, specially since i found out im gonna be a daddy! haha. I will really appreciate it 😉

Cockpit decals are backwards in First Officer section, this is due UV Texture mapping , sorry. Backlight on Knobs isn’t animated but this is an issue only with a Cold and Dark cockpit, not usual on these days though.

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