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Upcoming JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe (GHD)

On behalf of Evgeny Romanov from JARDesign Group, we’re pleased to offer you some screenshots of the upcoming updated with new features Ground handling Deluxe version 4.0.

Several popup windows are included, changes are made to make it more logic, easy to use, on the fly changing the liveries set is also one of the new features. Recently Evgeny informed me that, but remember it’s still in beta, it will be compatible with X-Plane 11.20 and VR features are included too although it must be said that the updated product can work with or without VR.

To give you an idea of how things look like and how the menu structure has changed, have a look to these “under development” screenshots. As you might know, for those who have heard of GHD, but never used it, the screenshots are taken at the airport of Corfu from FlyTampa, with the default Boeing 737. Many “aircraft” sets are made by many simmers but you’re also able (was already a feature) to create your own set of ground equipment.

According to Evgeny Romanov “Our first step in the VR-world is the “still under development” JARDesign GHD Version 4 plug-in. The new control panel allows you to flexibly control the movement of handling cars, selecting the desired with the mouse direct on panel. The plugin work in X-Plane 11.20, both in a VR and without a VR.”

“The panel is resizable and movable inside VR. About 40 sets of aircraft are included. Product price will be increased with about 5 dollars, but version 4 update will be free for existing GHD registered users. HTC Vive Pro is really cool. I enjoyed working in this VR, during the development and testing of GHD Version 4.”

Enjoy some of the “under development” screenshots!


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