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It’s tough these days. We all try to do our best, and some of us have to stay at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown, others have a bit more room and are allowed to go out, but overall, it’s not easy to come thru. That said, I wish you all a healthy period and please, stay safe!

What news can you expect from us?
We’re busy with so many things, but all are interesting subjects to look out for. Andy is very busy with the DWS (Delta Wing Simulations) F-16 BLOCK 52+ review. It will be as we always know from Andy, a comprehensive and interesting review. Angelique is trying to finish a couple of reviews. She started a while ago with a in-depth review of the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant, but can’t finish it yet since she’s waiting for the correct joy driver that also supports Mac. Then, Angelique is busy and almost finished 2 comprehensive reviews of the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA and additional TBM Toe Brake Modification. This is dedicated helicopter hardware and she loved the overall quality and the easiness to fly helicopters having this equipment. Soon Part I and II will be released, for sure, before Christmas.

Then Angelique tries to finish a Orbx airport review; Fresno Yosemite International Airport. Hopefully she can finish that also before Christmas. But there’s other good news and that is that Angelique has successfully created on her iMac Pro a Windows 10 bootcamp partition. This means that she’s also able to write dedicated windows 10 X-Plane reviews like the Cremonasoft A310-300 Series. She also had the plan to do a IniBuild A300-600, but the Inibuild management isn’t offering X-Plained.Com a press copy. A shame since it looks like a well modeled aircraft, but it’s up to them and we accept that. Although Angelique has a lot of real aviation knowledge of the Airbus A310 and A306 Series during her time with Martinair Holland, KLM Engineering and Maintenance and Lufthansa Technical Training, she’s not sure if it’s the right time to review the Cremonasoft A310-304.

What more can you expect?
Angelique also plans to review the Thranda DHC-2, Just Flight Traffic Global and what’s more coming along.