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We’re pleased to inform you on behalf of Evgeny Romanov from JARDesign that their A330 for X-Plane 11.30 has been updated to version 3.1r1 or 3.1r2.

According to Evgeny the updated models come in two packages; r1 and r2. Version 3.1r1 is in in fact the release candidate while version 3.1r2 is with the default F/O voice included with the pack. The following features are included:
– X-Plane 11.30 ready
– Haversine AirFMC plugin ready (see our review)
– JARDesign CoPilot plugin ready
– macOS Mojave ready
– Some Aircraft/FMGS bugs and CTD fixed

Some notes. About using the A330 with macOS Mojave; please open system preferences, security and privacy, accessibility, check X-Plane. When you want to use the Haversine AirFMC plugin; please wait and update to version 1.7 of this software if you use it.

And finally; about using with JARDesign CoPilot plugin; you can download and install it from …

Setup and using manual already included. This plugin is a separate product by JARDesign, work with JD330 for free. Voice recognition function execute by your computer OS (Win 10 or MAC OS). CoPilot plugin just use it. So, voice recognition ability and quality depend of your OS settings and hardware. Speech quality also depend of your installed text-to-speech voices. This plugin will not work with non-English version of your OS. You should setup and check your English voice recognition on Windows 10 or Mac BEFORE this plugin installation.

Important note; no X-Plane plugins/330/ menu exist more, please set command jd/fmgs/CommandShowMcdu for some keyboard key and use MCDU MENU to operate ground handling. For more information, read the whole story at the dedicated JARDesign forum page.