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On behalf of JARDesign, we’re pleased to inform you that they have updated their Airbus A330 to version 3.0. The good news is that this is FREE update for users who own the JD330 for X-Plane 11.

But most important …. What doers this A330 version 3.0 X-Plane 11 only offer? The main improvement is worth to highlight; a brand new FMGS (Flight Management and Guidance System), completely based on C++, this instead of SASL + basic X-Plane FMS. So that’s great news, but there’s so much more. Check out this comprehensive list of files, new features etc:
– compatible with GHDeluxe v.040118
– new MCDU MENU functions (you can operate with Ground Handling, Doors, Loading, Tow)
– operate settings via MCDU MENU
– separate Ground Handling operation (MCDU MENU -> Handling, next – select neeeded cars and click Drive Up)
– MCDU movable widget (click on 3D MCDU or use Command jd/fmgs/CommandShowMcdu)
– ND non-movable widget (click on ND)
– Save coRoute flightplan using MCDU DATA -> Click right Arrow -> Pilots ROUTES, enter name and click SAVE
– takeoff with heading preset
– ND and MCDU indication and functions reworked
– follow Speed Constraints
– add instant flightplan generator

Want to know all about it, want to read how to install this version 3.0 for those simmers who own version 2.x? Then you must follow this dedicated JARDesign forum link.