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On behalf of MisterX6, known from his beautiful freeware and payware airports, we’re pleased to inform you that he has updated his Phoenix Sky Harbor airport to version X-Plane 11.This freeware KPHX comes with the following features; accurate 3D models for all major buildings, accurate airport layout, photoreal scenery for the airport area, animated airport vehicles and SkyTrain, animated 3D people, animated Jetways and Marshallers, HDR night lighting, static aircraft and much more.

Version 1.1, exclusively for X-Plane 11 has got the following updates:

  • Added more exclusions, fixed roads on airport when using HD Mesh V4
  • Updated static aircraft, can now be toggled off in the X-Plane options
  • Improved ground textures, taxilines
  • Added new vehicles
  • X-Plane 10 is no longer supported. Use version 1.01 instead ( see separate download on page.

More information can be found at our dedicated MisterX6 KPHX download page.