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Attention … NAPS Library updated as per November 2nd 2020 to version 7.3

Freddy De Pues from NAPS is pleased to announce the release of an updated NAPS Library, version 7.3. NAPS library created by © Freddy De Pues 2016-2020.

The NAPS library is unzipped 4.6GB and comes with far over the 1000+ objects. Keep in mind that his package is not for commercial use. Do not include Freddy De Pues objects in payware. Do not use freeware airports including his objects for commercial use or not using his objects at all unless you have the specific approval from Freddy De Pues to use one or more of his objects.

So what’s added with this new version? According to Freddy De Pues the updated library comes with a bunch of new buildings pertaining to airports in the Tampa Bay area. Further on, new hangars of all sizes, detailed, photo-realistic textures.

Check it out at their dedicated download page.