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On behalf of Freddy De Pues and NAPS team we’re pleased to inform you that the following NAPS products have been updated.

First, the NAPS library has been updated to version 4.0 with lots of updated and new objects like military radar, military bus (Army), military tent, the 24 diverse buildings created for Liège Airport with HD precision, photographic textures, and lighting, including terminal, tower, GA hangars, heavies’ hangars, maintenance, cargo, hotels, offices, EBTY Maubray FBO, arrestor cable, small drain, wheel on pavement, yellow T shape on pavement, Naples terminals and tower, KSRQ new offices, KSPG new twin Hangar and many more.

You can grab your copy via pour dedicated NAPS Library web page.

Further on, Freddy also updated his famous KMCO Orlando International Airport to version 5.0. Of course, it’s now compatible with X-Plane 11.10 and comes with the following improvements like ponds with NML water, added more woods, and much more … You can find this updated package on this dedicated web page.