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A bit later then planned, but with the help of Jon, Bruce, Arthur and Andy, I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve updated the old and not very secure wp-login scripts. Actually, we’re using no longer the default/modified WordPress scripts for the registration and login process. We’re using another script for this, which is much more user friendly and it offers also a User Account menu option, indicated/identified in your own first – and last name.

The own name (user account) menu option allows you to modify your own profile, upload your own picture, a smashing cover photo and much more. It also allows you to delete your account when you no longer wish to be an X-Plained.Com member. Especially this last item – being able to delete yourself – is one of the new EU GDPR regulation requirements. Soon I’ll try to write an article about the use of your new “User Account”.

By the way, the new registration form also offers additional fields that offer us more inside information about the simmers X-Plane and real flight experience and above all, we hope, an even better (ro)bot protection.

Is anything changed for our current simmers? No, your login details etc. are not changed.